Cost cutting for free-to-air TV production bites as Logies move to Dubbo, swap coke for shards

The TV Week Logie awards have made the decision to move to regional NSW following recent wage deflation amongst Australia’s tight knit group of free-tv actors.

TV Week spokesman Chad Heimlich spoke exclusively to The CentreLine.

“The logies have always been a night for glitz and glamour, where a bunch of 20-40 year old white Australians can dress up in their finery, get smashed on Pol Roger and head to the dunnies to pork each other or smash a few lines. But with the advent of Netflix and Stan and SBS on Demand, margins are getting squeezed and the $1,500 pay packet per episode you might expect for a bit part in a soon to be cancelled low budget melodrama like HeadLand or Sea Patrol is dropping steadily”.

“We’re not talking Game of Thrones or True Detective here. If there was ever a golden age of Australian television, you’d probably come up with when Water Rats and Mcleod’s Daughters ran at the same time as Blue Heelers. Even that was more the brass age of Australian television. We’re probably in the nickel, or zinc age at present.”

“So we feel that Dubbo or Cessnock is probably more appropriate for this night of nights for free-tv. Less Bollinger and gak, and a bit more Soda-Streamed Coolabah goon and meth”.

More to come.

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