Australian Constitution ruled invalid due to being written by dual citizens

Australia’s High Court has announced that the Constitution has no legal basis, due to its own restrictions that members of the Government cannot owe allegiance to foreign powers.

Section 44 of the Constitution has caught out more than a few parliamentarians after Scott Ludlam called attention to the issue and then fell on his own sword. This began a chain reaction that has led to resignations, loud speeches and higher-than-normal levels of banter with New Zealand.

Ludlam says he did it “for the LOLs”.

With the elected officials being referred to the High Court to resolve the issue, the judges decided to dust off the Constitution and have a read of this problematic section.

“That’s when the problems started” said a spokesjudge for the High Court.

“We realised that the whole document is invalid, because everyone who wrote it owed allegiance to the British crown. Complete farce, really.”

“We’re lucky the paradox didn’t create a wormhole that needed Doctor Who to fix. Getting another pom involved would have just made matters worse.”

The High Court have said their first choice was to refer the matter back to Parliament to draft a new Constitution. However, they quickly realised that it required careful and patient consideration, which means it will get stuck behind energy policy in the “Way Too F%&king Hard Basket”.

The judges have decided to have a crack at writing a new one after lunch.

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