Hanson sneaks past Parliament House security in yellowface

Pauline Hanson has followed up her burqa stunt in parliament with another well thought out political manoeuvre, appearing in the Senate in mock Asian garb.

Entering the chamber in a red silk cheongsam dress with sellotape pulling the sides of her eyes back, and what appeared to be Clark’s shoe polish unevenly spread over her trademark red hair, Hanson sashayed to the benches and smiled at her fellow senators as rancour again erupted on the floor. Attorney General George Brandis stood for a moment as if to speak, but took a lingering look, smiled coquetteishly at Ms Hanson and resumed his seat.

Entering the Parliament House, Senator Hanson had gave her name to security as Senator Penny Wong and appeared shocked when security registered her name as Pauline Hanson.

Senator Hanson later confessed “I am shocked that Steve at security recognised me. They all look the same. ASIO needs to give him a job helping us tell them apart. We are being swamped by these Chinese Asians!”

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