Local council worker not at all worried about AI replacing him

Local Traffic Management Attendant Jason “One Pump” Wunda says he is not at all concerned about super-intelligent machines one day taking his job.

“It just won’t happen” said Wunda.

“Computers are alright for lookin’ at skimpies and sendin’ emails and shit. But they can’t smash a four-pack of Mother and then stand still for eight hours, occasionally twirling a sign.”

“It takes real skill to co-ordinate traffic. I’m irreplaceable.”

After further investigation, it was discovered the Wunda has made similar predictions about the future before. Examples include believing his sister-in-law having a baby would in no way influence his wife’s desire to reproduce, and that Kevin Rudd would be an even longer serving Prime Minister than John Howard.

However, Wunda has at least learned to hedge his bets, and has decided to cut his spending back to only 110% of his weekly earnings.

“I just wanted to build up a bit of a buffer, in case I do lose me job and that. So we called the bank and told them to switch our mortgage over to interest only. Now we’ve got heaps more cash each week!”

“Show me a computer that can think that good.”

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