Public servant afraid to like post about public servants not being allowed to like posts

Local public servant Jim Jamble awoke this morning to find himself in a quandary; he was now restricted in posts he could “like” on social media, including posts attacking this new policy.

“We’re not allowed to show any anti-government sentiment online, which obviously includes this absurdly totalitarian measure” said Jamble today.

“I mean, what kind of megalomaniac has decided that we’re not allowed to possess our own political viewpoints? Public servants know better than anyone how utterly useless elected officials are, so we should be showing anti-government sentiment the most!”

The Australian Public Sector Commission (APSC) says the move is to ensure that the general public can trust the government’s employees to serve their ministers in an impartial and professional manner, regardless of the political landscape.

This is likely due to the APSC’s growing concern that public servants are upset by having to enact policies that fly in the face of facts and reason, and may feel the need to express their frustration online.

“If the government of the day wants to enact a policy to decry that the sky is green, then public servants need to accept that as fact and move on. They can’t be harbouring vicious opinions about things” read the APSC’s statement.

The CentreLine expects that no public servants will respond to this article about them not being to able to respond to online posts about them not being able to respond to online posts.

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