Entrepreneurial local brown man turns racial profiling into business success

Local warehouse manager Ashan Wickremesinghe has slashed his security costs for his 2,500m site in the socioeconomically disadvantaged city of Logan, Qld by adopting an unorthodox and highly cost effective approach to increasing policing and surveillance.

“Last year the warehouse was broken into 5 times, had all our petty cash stolen, few pallets of HD TVs. Was costing me a fortune in security patrols”. Mr Wickremesinghe stated.

“I jumped on E-bay and picked up a couple of Islamic State flags, got them shipped in from Cabramatta. Put them out the front. I’ve also got the workers wearing hi-vis burqas too”.

“Now, I’ve got constant federal police patrols out front – for free. Couple of ASIO blokes lobbed in last week. Nice fellas. Wished them as-salaam-alaikum, but they wouldn’t take tea”.

“I might be a Buddhist Kenyan, but it’s been a real positive to be a brown fella with a hard to pronounce name. Reckon that’s sustained the cop’s interest”.

The CentreLine journalist who reported this story is now on a “No-fly” list.

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