Widespread laughter injuries after CBA blog posts “How to build an emergency fund”

Hospitals across the country are treating waves of people suffering abdominal tears caused by laughing fits at Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s latest blog post.

The post, entitled “How to build an emergency fund”, comes just as the bank is facing billions of dollars in fines for potential money laundering.

Irony experts have warned people to stay away from the situation, to avoid personal injury.

“No one likes the banks at the best of times, and especially not when interest rates are going up and they’re reporting record profits” said comedy scientist Larry Laffley.

“If you give them the opportunity to point and laugh at the biggest one, they’ll do it until they cause themselves physical harm.”

“It’s like when Tony Abbott was ousted as Prime Minister before ever getting to stay in Kirribilli House. It’s just too delicious.”

Undoubtedly more to come.

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