Grieving family not at all thinking about their inheritance

After showing the appropriate level of grief at the passing of Grandma, the Fiat family are now patiently waiting the appropriate time to ask the Executor how much they stand to receive.

David and Monique have told work they will need to take a few days off, Dylan and Tom have posted a joint, heartfelt farewell on social media and Lisa has made sure no one sees her browsing new cars.

“It’s a tough time, but we’re just pulling together as a family, and really remembering all the good times we had with Mum” said David, with his eulogy open on one screen and open on the other.

“We’re certain that better times are just around the corner, and it’s all about staying positive and moving into a bigger ho- moving on. It’s all about moving on.”

“There’s a lot of admin to take care of as well. Right now I’m trying to find out if Mum had any super. She’d want us to have it, after all.”

As The CentreLine reporter left the Fiat household, the sounds of a family in mourning distinctly resembled that of champagne corks popping.

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