Kitchenchef announces new spinoff series

With people still talking about the controversial yet popular “Bonegate” incident on Channel Ten’s Kitchenchef, producers have decided to strike while the souvlaki is hot and have announced a new spinoff series.

“Kitchenchef: Thermopylae is a bold new direction for the genre” said a coked-up Channel Ten executive.

The premise is said to revolve around 300 amateur cooks facing off against a horde of professional chefs, all trained by regular judge George Calimari.

“The set design will be very Spartan. Very harsh conditions, located on a Greek beach, but I think it will make them even stronger” he continued, before snorting another line.

“George is thrilled. He gets to combine his two great loves; Greek culture and exploiting his employees.”

It’s unclear what victory holds for the eventual winner. When Mr Calimari was asked, his only reply was to shout “THIS IS KITCHENCHEF!” and kick his nearest underling into a nearby bottomless hole.

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