Internet implodes on announcement of Dr Who’s most alien character yet – a female Doctor

In a move that has outraged morons all over the internet, actor Jodie Whittaker has been cast as the 13th Doctor.

While the primary thought for most fans will simply be ‘I hope she does the role justice’, much like they do every time there’s a regeneration, the primary thought for most of the objectors was a sort of a slow, munted wail.

“The single act of casting a woman in this role has ruined the childhood that I should have grown out of at least a year ago.” said anonymous commenter Ainsley Parfitt, 34.

“What do women think they can do, anything?” – Men’s Rights Activists

Other views made even less sense. House painter and full time idiot Jonno Yannis commented “It’s Doctor Who, not NURSE Who. Don’t these idiots know anything?!?

BBC accountants are thrilled however, ecstatic to have the opportunity to pay the new Doctor 15% less, just because she’s a woman.

Men’s Rights proponent Stephen Hitler was not happy. 

“This is a PC nanny state gone too far. Who do these women think they are? Human beings?”

“It starts with them thinking they’re able to play a time-travelling Doctor on TV, next thing they’ll want to actually be real doctors, where does it all end!?”

“This is a show with its roots in the 1950s, and that era is the pinnacle of human society as we know it, surely we can aspire to go back to that time?

The Men’s Rights Activists have started a petition for the interior of the TARDIS to be remodeled into a kitchen.

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