Grizzled office veteran spins fairy-tale of a time when workers were valued

Still sweating from his walk down the stairs, downtrodden office worker Wally Kover held court in the office lunch area today, weaving a tale of wondrous times gone past.

Kover talked about hour-long lunches, retiring at 55 and even the mythical “annual leave loading”.

“It’s true, youngsters, I saw it myself more than once. People would go on holidays and get paid more for it! What a time to be alive that was” spluttered Kover in between mouthfuls of his roast beef and gravy roll.

“You’ve never known a good place to work if it wasn’t standard procedure for the boss to take everyone out for a steak sandwich once every second Friday. You were actively encouraged to have a couple of pints before heading back to the office, if you went back at all.”

Kover’s audience were completely spell-bound by his astounding tale, though not all were convinced.

“Load of nonsense, I reckon. All my older relatives tell me is how good we kids have it these days. There’s no way that people ever got paid more to go on holidays, or got a free car with their salary. That’s just ridiculous” snorted Digby Eever, another worker.

Your correspondent was also fascinated by Mr Kover’s anecdotes. The CentreLine pays its journalists with IOU’s scribbled on receipts from Aldi.


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