Cooking show contestant misses a single fish bone, pays ultimate price

A contestant in the unfathomably popular cooking show Kitchenchef has been ritualistically murdered by the judges after leaving a bone in a fish that was presented for judgement.

Viewer favourite Fabian was stripped naked by the judges and hung, drawn and quartered before an estimated television audience of 3 million viewers, an all-time record for its timeslot.

Viewers were disappointed at losing one of their favourites, but were also understanding.

“I was just so sad to see Fabian go, but at the end of the day, there was a bone, and we all know the penalties” said Tristan Renquist, a local 28 year old food blogger and pretentious twat.

Others were more sanguine. Meredith Plimpton tweeted “You and I know that the occasional bone is part of eating fish, but this is Kitchenchef. I want fucking blood!”

Kitchenchef producers were reportedly thrilled with the ratings for the episode and plans are already in place for a follow-up challenge with a theme revolving around perfectly rendered duck breast and disembowelment.

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