North Korea proves Trump wrong, world confused

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has put the world’s biggest burn on the developmentally challenged and orange President that is Donald Trump. The move has left the rest of the world smiling smugly, but then quietly shitting itself.

The Hwasong 14 missile was launched and orbited for 39 minutes, according to a North Korean press agent.

The CentreLine understands that the statement was followed by a large “raspberry” sound, a two finger salute to the camera and a mic drop.

This is in response to a tweet from Mr Trump in January that North Korea developing a weapon capable of reaching the United States “won’t happen.”

Analysis also suggests the missile would be capable of reaching mainland Australia which has prompted Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to condemn the launch, stating that it breached several resolutions of the UN Security Council, as if that actually meant something.

“That Trump is such an….Wait, what? Oh. Fuck.” – the World

This correspondent was able to ask the people their opinion so you don’t have to. The response was unanimous: “bahahahaha! That Trump is such an….Wait, what? Oh. Fuck” said everyone.

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