Flight Centre celebrates dead-end business model

Flight Centre have repeatedly been told they need to modernise their service offerings, by building their digital presence and focusing less on physical store sales.

Not so, says the company.

In an announcement to investors today, Flight Centre said it is standing by its strategy of building physical places to sell holidays to Baby Boomers.

The reason?

Flight Centre are rolling out brand-new EoL, or End of Life, packages, for senior citizens who’ve had enough. These packages come in two forms; a a first class flight to Switzerland, returning in the cargo hold, or a one way trip on a P&O cruise, with complementary lead weights included.

“Look, it’s pretty simple stuff. Baby Boomers looking for a good way to blow the last of their money on the way out are the best market for us to be in right now. That’s where the real money is”┬ásaid Chief Disinformation Officer, Ethan Azea.

“Gen X are too busy with the mortgage and the kids, and Gen Y will only pay backpacker rates while expecting Instagram-quality accommodation. There’s no money to be made in that.”

Flight Centre stated that sales of the new packages are expected to be low initially, but will likely start to pick up once campaigning starts for the next federal election.

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