Accountants on annual power trip as tax time looms

The annual validation of nerds and their awful career choices has begun again, with tax season arriving.

Across the country, four-eyed pointdexters are leaning back in their ergonomic chairs, doing the finger pyramid of evil and trying to look powerful.

“Ha! Back again, I see. Just like in high school, when you watched the first Lord of The Rings and wanted to know what happens in the books. Or in 2011, when you watched Game of Thrones and wanted to know what happens in the books” said Gary Eekinson, an accountant and level 7 Dark Elf Hunter in his Dungeons & Dragons game.

“Always coming begging to me for the answers. And tax refunds. But mostly answers.”

Ordinary citizens are outraged at yet again being in this position, particularly after vowing never to deal with accountants after last year.

“He charges me $400 to tap on his keyboard and submit the return. Half the time, I then have to pay more to the government! Last year I said I was going to do better and learn how to do it myself, but it’s just such bullshit. Ugh. NERDS” said Iggy Noranus, a particularly vocal resident.

“Why do we do this? Accounting is the Dave Hughes of career options; just bland and repetitive. Why do we keep rewarding this behaviour?”

More to come.


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