Brisbane man punches foreigner in the head, punters celebrate

With a result that has surprised the punters on Caxton Street, a home-grown Brisbane lad has beaten the shit out of a small foreigner.

The fight was quite evenly matched to begin with, but as it progressed, it was clear the local lad had the advantage.

“The whole crowd was just right behind him, we were cheerin’ every time he landed a punch on the funny lookin’ little cunt” said Jim Stain of Beenleigh.

Following a late charge from the out-of-towner, the Algester schoolteacher looked as if he might be in trouble.

“We was really worried towards the end there. That little fucker come back really strong, but then Davo was able to push him in the back while he wasn’t looking and Jonno was able to finish him off. Serves him right, couldn’t understand a fucken word he said” muttered Mr Stain.

The Centreline understands that “Jonno” spent the afternoon in the Brisbane Watch House and completely missed the Horn v Pacquiao fight held at Suncorp Stadium.

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