Rabid political correctness finally put down after ‘going mad’

This is part of our series “The Switch-Up”, where we look at both sides of an issue, in a reasonable and balanced manner. In this case, we’re looking at political correctness. Make sure you check out the link at the bottom for the other side!

The Australian Federal Police today reported that, after decades of chasing, they have finally caught and neutralised a dangerous political correctness.

AFP officers surrounded the correctness outside of the ABC’s office in Melbourne. Using nets and tasers, the correctness was herded into a cage, where it was held until a vet could administer a lethal injection.

“This was a particularly dangerous correctness. Your standard political correctness gets out of control once it starts feeding on victimisation and delusions of grandeur, but will normally tire itself out trying to bite out the tongues of bigots. This one has spent the last 25 years skulking around the ABC, feeding on culturally diverse programming and inclusive hiring policies. It was getting stronger every day”  said the AFP Commissioner, Nohols Barred.

“Despite our warnings, they continued to feed the correctness, and we believe it was preparing to attack Andrew Bolt.”

“This is a wonderful effort by all of the officers involved. Years of hard work, dedication and saying whatever the fuck we want has finally paid off.”

The CentreLine understands that this particular political correctness started out in life as an innocent reminder between coworkers to stop calling their new Indian coworker “Curry Face”.

The other side: Wokeboy takes gap year to counteract his privilege

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