Local CEO’s public speaking course paying dividends

Utilising such tried-and-true speech techniques as “the rule of three” and the “Endearing-Yet-Impressive-Anecdote”, local CEO Jack Innaboques has shown his subordinates a “strong, go-getting and dynamic” approach to getting his money’s worth.

Having recently graduated from the community centre’s Thursday Night Public Speaking and Networking Fete, Innaboques put his hard-won skills to the test, winning over his staff at the annual Changes In Budgetary Management conference. This year’s theme was “Be The Savings You Want To See”.

“Yeah they were a bit lively, even got a chuckle for that story about meeting Tom Cruise in a dunny”, said Innaboques just after coming off-stage to polite applause.

“It’s really going to be an exciting day.”

Exit polls from the event revealed 46% of the respondents enjoyed the sandwiches, while only 32% said the coffee was the worst they’d ever had.

More to come.

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