Toowoomba man able to relive past sporting achievements for brief, shining moment

Following a sportsball victory from a team containing men with a loose affiliation to the state of Queensland last night, a Toowoomba man was seen acting as if he had taken part in the game.

The Queensland team, so chosen because they have been arrested in that state more than any other, managed a last minute victory in a match that they care greatly about, for some reason.

Trevor Jenkins, 35 from Harlaxton in Toowoomba was witnessed screaming “QUEENSLANDER!!!” several times after the team wearing red scored more points than the team wearing blue in the sportsball game.

“We just wanted it more. We had that much passion. The boys just dug deep and we got over the line” Said Mr Jenkins, speaking as if he had actually contributed to the game.
“I used to be a pretty gun halfback. A lot of people have compared me to JT actually.”
“There were even some Broncos selectors who came to see me playing. Then I did me ACL. After that, it was all over. Bloody ACL.”
The Centreline believes Mr Jenkins then downed another double rum & coke and went to find someone to fight, until the tears stopped.

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