Pauline Hanson proposes special camps for vaccinated children, for “when the autism kicks in”

Pauline Hanson has stuck her hoof in her gaping maw again today, suggesting that autistic children should be segregated and attend separate school facilities.

This is the natural extension of Senator Hanson’s concern that vaccines cause autism, which she has supported by quoting many reputable Facebook posts from the “Mummy Wellness” and “Natural Remedies” groups.

Under Senator Hanson’s proposal, any child who has been vaccinated, and thus will develop autism imminently, should be isolated from the “ordinary” children, so as not to adversely effect the mainstream education system. The isolated children would then be settled into purpose-built facilities, or “camps”, where they could receive the extra attention they need.

“Look, I’m not backing down from this and I don’t like my comments being taken out of context. All I said was that these children require more attention, and as such, we need to give them special documents and numbered tattoos to identify them. Once they’re in a secure facility, we can then see what can be done by scientists to reverse their disability.” said Senator Hanson in a press conference devoid of any  understanding of history.

The CentreLine thought about reaching out to One Nation for a more detailed statement, but didn’t want to sully our ears any further.

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