Ongoing Budget analysis: Nation still reeling from last year’s changes to super, unable to comprehend more

With attempts to sell the 2017 Federal Budget not quite going to plan, Scott Morrison has been forced to sit down and consider the folly of making changes to the superannuation system two years in a row.

“I guess we forgot that ordinary Australians are flummoxed by discussing their super at the best of times, let alone once complex changes get introduced.” said Morrison to the press today.

The CentreLine took to the streets to see if he was right.

“Wait, wait, wait. The last I heard, if you have more than $1.6m in super, you can no longer get concession tickets at the movies. Now you’re telling me there’s more changes?” – John Nobodi

“I heard that you can’t put as much money in each year, but you can carry money you don’t use forward, until you can use it. I don’t know if I have enough bags to carry that kind of money around” – Susie Quo

“I’m a first home buyer, I was hoping to use the $15,000 in my super as 1/10th of a deposit on a house, but now I can’t do that? Instead I have to put all my money into my super, then I can take it out again, which will somehow result in me paying less tax. Or, the same amount of tax as if I had been born 30 years earlier.” Dave Nohoper

The CentreLine journalists were feeling smugly superior after discussing the issues with the general public, until we realised that our superannuation is paid entirely in bottlecaps.


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