Wil Anderson commits to ‘bung back’ ahead of public disorder charges

Famed comedian Wil Anderson has been heard telling friends that he’ll be fighting the drunk and disorderly charges laid against him with a bit of ‘ah me back’ this week. The charges come as he was arrested after an incident on a flight from Sydney to Wagga Wagga. This move has been deemed to be a publicity stunt to fit in with the unusually high number of disability pension recipients in Wagga Wagga.

During a short walking interview with the comedian, he could confirm that the charges were ludicrous as he was suffering from Osteo-nah-cobba-its-medicinal. The Centreline would like to confirm that this unusual medical term was accompanied by a number of winks and nudges of the nose.

Of note, Wagga Wagga has an unemployment rate of 4.6%, almost a full percent lower than the Australian rate. Local drug dealer Darryl seems to think it may have something to do with the vast majority of Wagger’s not actually pursuing work due to old footy injuries from 87’. Despite pandering to the locals, Wil Anderson’s show is expected to have a lower turnout than the glass barbecue session at Dave’s mum’s house.

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