Election polling indicates quantum result with both parties to win Government

Following the delivery of the Chief Scientist’s report, voters have eagerly flocked to endorse both Government and Opposition simultaneously.

Voters have been impressed by both parties’ single minded refusal to outline the future direction of the Nation’s farcical energy policy, and instead devolve into recriminations over past inaction by their opponent.

“As an average member of the voting public I am very concerned about the finer detail of the byzantine labyrinth that is energy regulation. Specifically, I am interested in whether current or past governments may or may not have adversely impacted upon that regulation.” said Shazza, 28, Beautician, Orange.

Following the rolling success of this political stratagem adopted by both parties, it is expected that future speeches, radio interviews and question time theatrics will be dedicated to outlining why the nation’s economic, societal and social problems are due to the action of the other side.

It is unknown whether citizens voting for both parties at the same time would cause the dissolution of space-time. Some polling respondents have indicated that this would be a “giant fucking relief”.

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