“It’s probably the timing belt” Saves Mechanically Oblivious Man From Revealing His Lack Of Masculinity

A local man has narrowly evaded outing as a beta male by relying on his “old faithful” line for anything automotive related.

At a dinner party on Saturday night, Bart Amarley suddenly found himself deep in a conversation about automotive repair. A topic he knows little about, Bart knew he was at danger of revealing how feeble his veneer of masculinity really is.

“I made the mistake of mentioning that I’d done some work on the car this weekend. What I really meant is that I’d checked the tyre pressure, but I thought it would be an easy score for some man rep points.” said Bart.

“All of a sudden, he’s throwing symptoms of his car at me and asking for my advice. I had no idea where to go, so I bought time by asking if it idles okay. That threw him off for a little while, but also dug me in deeper.”

“I had no choice but to throw out my ‘Hail Mary’ line and hope it worked. So I said “it’s probably the timing belt” and then turned and started a new conversation with Debra.”

“I don’t know if he really bought it, so I’ll have to do some extra manly stuff over the next month or so. Publicly drink shitty beer, throw a few misogynistic comments around on Facebook, pretend to watch a sportsball game, you know, the usual.”

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