African Sponsor Children Raising Money For Street Fundraisers

In a surprising announcement from World Vision and the Red Cross, a new charity has been opened in Africa to raise money for the people working as fundraisers on the streets of Australia’s cities.

Sponsored African children learned that they receive a higher hourly wage than the workers who were raising money for them, so have started their own charity to send money back to Australia. A new fund has been established, named Ambush Samaritans.

“We heard about these poor people on the street, who have to resort to ambush marketing to get paid, and we said to ourselves “what kind of people are we if we don’t do something to help?” said a spokesperson for Ambush Samaritans.

“We cannot accept the horrible conditions these people are placed under to provide charity for us. We have to be grateful for what we have and give something back.”

The Centreline approached numerous charity workers for a comment about this, but they lost interest in us when they found out we don’t have any money either.

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