Margaret Court Prefers Flying Virgin Anyway

After a week filled with controversy, who would have thought that Margaret Court could have dropped another clanger?

This afternoon the former tennis star stated that she “didn’t want to fly Qantas anymore anyway” and “Virgin is actually better”.

The general public are now firmly convinced that the poor woman is seeing the first stages of Alzheimer’s creeping into her brain, as all Australians know that Virgin is flown exclusively by people too poor for Qantas and too stuck-up for Tiger.

“We could forgive her hating gays to a certain extent, it’s a generational thing, ya know? But to hear her say that she thinks Virgin is better….she’s lost it.” said Craig, the only person on the street who would give us an interview.

Mrs Court is reported to have gone further with her comments, stating that she wouldn’t trust Richard Branson anywhere near her granddaughter, but there was a lady at Virgin, Mary, who was a complete saint.

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