Hanson supporters believe mark-up on campaign items only way to combat halal fund raising.

Following the controversy of Pauline Hanson’s chief-of-staff James Ashby being caught on tape describing how One Nation could make a quick buck off its potential candidates, supporters of the hard-core patriotic party remain unfazed.

General surveys at the local Centrelink confirmed a generally positive response to the side-cash activities engaged with by the One Nation party. Results show many respondents appreciating the similarities in their own lives as they too tried to make a dollar on the side in their down time between attending Newstart employment meetings.

Darren ‘Dazza’ Smith was one of the first to approach our reporter in the local TAB after asking for a spare $2 to catch a train home. “Ya’ know, she’s on to the right thing. What if she wants to make a quick bit of cash on the side? The muzzies are all doing it anyway with the vegemite and bottled water.”

Local anonymous bigot, who refused to give us his name citing ‘Government privacy concerns’, echoed the sentiment, “It’s just the small things that make me relate to her, she’s fighting the illegals like how they’ve been fighting us, giving the towel head’s a go at their own game and not declaring any of the income like they all do too.”

General sentiment seems to have been fuelled from public perception that immigrants were abusing the welfare system to fund overseas terrorism with the irony being lost on most welfare dependant patriots fuelling who terrorise ‘lefty’ facebook pages.

Unsubstantiated reports indicated the profit from the candidate kits would be used to fund the polar opposite of terrorism abroad with shortages of XXXX and Holden Commodores being felt across the sector.

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