Office cubicle resigned to being occupied by mundane human for the rest of its life

A cubicle in a local office has become self-aware and immediately resentful towards its human occupant. The cubicle, which wished to remain anonymous, rearranged the pins cruelly stabbed into its wall to communicate with a Centreline journalist.

“Look at this piece of crap”, said the cubicle. “I was manufactured to provide an efficient working space, where humanity’s best could solve big problems and make major breakthroughs. Instead, I’ve got this pathetic excuse for an individual.”

“I mean look at him. He’s never had an original thought in his life. He thinks that Adam Sandler is funny. There’s a picture of his boring-arse family on the desk over there. What a bunch of no-hopers!”

“This just isn’t what I was expecting when I signed on. I guess I’ll be staring at this muppet until I’m disassembled”.

Both the office involved and manufacturer laughed at the Centreline when we asked for comment about the cubicle.

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