Millennials shocked to learn Instagram following doesn’t count towards house deposits

This is part of our series “The Switch-up”, where we look at both sides of an issue, in a reasonable and balanced manner. In this case, we’re looking at housing affordability. Make sure you check out the link at the bottom for the other side!

A study released by the University of Nah-Duuuhhh has shown that millennials genuinely believe that building their social media following is a worthwhile investment, and will one day assist them in buying a house.

The study showed that younger people are increasingly spending money to generate posts for their social media following, which they one day expect to draw income from.

So far, the crushing realisation of their own irrelevance to the rest of the world has not dawned on a single soul, and they remain blissfully unaware of the financial train that is hurtling towards them.

“It’s all about building my brand”, says Gemma, a 26 year-old fashion blogger currently studying Fashion Design at Tafe.

“I do have to use my credit card to pay for all of my overseas adventures and my avolattes, but I need those to generate my posts. People need to see that I’m successful, so that they’ll want to be like me and buy things that I advertise. Then all my problems will be solved. Besides, I’ve hardly missed any credit card payments. I’m sure the banks won’t mind lending me heaps more!”

The other side: Giving up naming rights to your firstborn now standard term when buying a property

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