Irony completely lost on man eating microwave dinner while watching Chef’s Table

A local man has been hospitalised for a brain scan after he was unable to comprehend the irony of eating a microwave dinner while watching Netflix’s “Chef’s Table”.

John Smith was binging on lasagne and visions of fine dining when his wife, Joanne, returned home from work. Joanne made a quick joke about John having aspirations of a better life, and was aghast when the quip went straight over John’s head.

“I was worried he’d had a stroke or something, so I called an ambulance straight away. I mean, if he isn’t able to laugh at the pointlessness of his existence, there must be something terribly wrong.”

After being rushed to St. Darren’s Hospital, John was immediately attended to by the neurology department.

“John’s brain scans revealed that his laffocampus, the area responsible for humour, has started to atrophy from lack of use. This is likely attributed to John’s work as an accountant, which is a high-risk area for damage to the laffocampus. There just isn’t enough public awareness about this issue.”

If you or someone you know may have been affected by laffocampus atrophy, please contact your local comedy club for assistance.

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